Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Feeling Better?

So, I am in my 14th week and the last couple of days have been really good.....I am super hopeful that I am in my turning around point. It has been a LONG time coming ;) I have been feeling blechy for two months even being on Diclectin....which I am still taking and am planning to till 24 weeks or so. With my last baby I'm pretty sure I was on it till about then if not later. 
Anyways, the thought of feeling better is very exciting....getting back to a more normal routine and enjoying time with friends and family. I took my girlies to our local splash park yesterday and it was so nice to get out with them and visit with the friends I went with!
I might have overdone it slightly but it was so worth it, the Dr Pepper slushy I had in the evening....not worth it. I had such a hard time falling asleep even though I was exhausted from the day ;)
Today I'm thinking of taking it a bit easier and maybe tackling a few things around the house....laundry, dishes, general cleaning but we will see. I'm sure I could figure out something I want to do more ;)
Food wise I'm still pounding back the strawberries(yum) and having a banana or two a day(blech) and then generally just eating pretty normal. Always thirsty and ice, lots of ice in my drinks.