Thursday, July 4, 2013

Crazy Hair Day

My girlies are attending VBS this week....vacation Bible school, and
it was crazy hair day so I attempted a couple bird nests. Super easy to
do......just backcombing, hairspray, bobby pins and a bird. I also used
some lace and twine.
How To:
Make a pile of backcombed hair on the top of the head and use bobby pins to secure it all in place. In the center of that pile use a couple bobby pins to create a dip then place a bird in that dip. The birds I used had clips on them so they just clipped right into place, if your bird does not have a clip just glue a clip onto it the night before to give it time to dry. On the left girls hair I used a couple bobby pins and put some small pieces of twine in the nest as well as a piece of lace and on the right girls hair I wrapped the entire nest in twine and lace. Super cute!

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