Monday, March 4, 2013

DIY Wedding Mason Jars

 This past Saturday I helped my friend create these beautiful decorations for her wedding. We did over 30 of them and they all turned out beautifully. It took us approximately 2 hours(there was 3 of us) and minimal supplies. My friend had a Ziploc freezer bag(the large one) half full of ribbons and lace and we had left overs. We used two types of glue.....all purpose craft glue and extra strong embellishment glue stick(pioneer brand) and the glue stick worked, by far, the best!
These could be made for any occasion(wedding, B-day party, anniversary or decor for your home) and you can put many different things in them(flowers, candles, potpourri, jewelry storage or any other type of storage).

You could even use them as gift jars.....fill them with your favorite things and pass them out to your friends :)

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