Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting Organized

These shelves were in an awful state but now they are not and sometimes I just stop to look at them because they are so tidy.....lame I know. What can I say, I love an organized space!
So, these shelves needed some open bins for easier access to things and I was going to buy Ikea ones but found some at Dollarama for $3 each. SOLD.....otherwise I would have had to wait awhile as we do not have an Ikea near us and I wanted to get them done.
Are any of you like that.....when you have an idea in mind and your excited to do it you just want to get 'er done. Well that's how I was feeling.
Bought the cheaper ones and they are working perfectly. Our things are so much easier to access and it looks very neat and orderly. I didn't just use those bins thought.....I did have some Rubbermaid containers and a few other bags and boxes that we used as well.
I spent just under $50 for the new storage.

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