Monday, January 14, 2013

Getting Organized

I have started organizing my home one space/room/closet a day and let me tell you, I am excited!
As you can see above I did our coat closet.....
I went thorough our coats and chucked a bunch we don't wear(just our winter ones). I believe we each have 3 or 4 left in there. I did the same with our shoes and as you can see only my boots remain but we have other storage systems holding all other footwear. I grabbed the three storage containers from other spots in our home to use up top. One is holding my winter wear(mitts, toques, etc), one is holding kids car/restaurant activity books and the third is holding my hubby's hats and IKEA bags.
The plastic drawer system is holding kid shoes(bottom two drawers) and summer lotions and repellants(top two drawers). I just used what we had on hand to organize.

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