Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY-Christmas Ornaments

 These tree ornaments are super simple to make and add a colorful touch to your tree.
I went with a different shade of blue for each frame each piece of scrapbooking paper I used for the frames was different as well but you need to find the paint colors you like and the paper that is to your taste and be creative. The supplies you need are listed on the picture below....

Step 1-Remove tag, sticker and anything else attached to your ornament
Step 2-Paint your ornaments with white paint and let dry
Step 3-Paint your ornaments with the colored paint you have chosen and let dry
Step 4-Cut out paper to glue to the back of the ornaments(trim the paper to show just in the main
           middle hole)
Step 5-Glue your paper to the ornament so the designed part of the paper is showing on the
           painted side of the ornament
Step 6-Attache lace, ribbon, twine or something else to hang your ornament on your tree

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