Thursday, October 25, 2012

Our Living Room Coffee Bar

I have finally finished our coffee's been set up for quite some time now but I just recently put all the wall stuff up. We are LOVING it and, ya, just loving it. I found the coffee bar itself at a store called The Dented Can in Leslieville, Alberta for $55 bucks(woohoo) and the white picture at the top as well(it was $10). The shelf I found at Winners for $16.99 and the birdcage on that was from Idon'tremember for Idon' was on my bookshelves and I moved it. The two small white frames were garage sale finds for a couple bucks(I painted them white) and the picture below is of me(my hubby took it) and the frame was $16.99 from a small town store in Fairview. On the coffee bar itself we have a Nespresso(fathers day gift) and a Keurig. A coffee holder from Winners($15ish) and a black place mat from urban barn. Have I already mentioned how much I love it......cuz I do ;)

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