Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY-iTouch Case

I really wanted to have a fun case for my iTouch so I bought a clear hard case and did a little DIY. This was my first one so I did a little learning on it but I am very happy with the outcome. 
I used the craft glue to glue all the fabric down and then I used the Amazing Goop for the edges and to attach the rhinestones and butterfly. I would have used the Amazing Goop for everything because it works so much better but it is very hard to spread. You may have noticed I did not cut out the camera or volume adjust holes......I really wasn't too concerned about them :)
Lesson to learn from not glue anything to the inside, I did(I actually wrapped my fabric around it) and then it wouldn't fit on my iTouch so I had to do some altering.

If your interesed in attempting your own here are a few things you will need...
A hard case(soft cases will not work)
A really good glue(I recommend the Amazing Goop or something similar)

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