Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Hawaii Adventure

We have been home for three days now and it has been a bit of an adjustment. Not really because of the time difference but because we decided to take an overnight flight(red-eye). It was awful!!!!! Hopefully in the future I will remember what it was like so I wont choose to do it again. It's probably a great flight option for those of you who can actually fall asleep on a plane but for those of us who can't it's pretty much torture.
Anyways, our trip was amazing and we loved ever single second of it.....even the few days of rain. I have a few pics to share with you guys but not many cuz, to be perfectly honest, we didn't do much on this trip. Eat, Shop and Sunbathe......that was pretty much it. We rented a car one day and explored a little bit(made it to the North shore) but nothing to interesting. I think that's why we enjoyed this trip so much. We weren't rushing around trying to cram in as much as possible....which is what I usually do. We just leisurely did whatever we felt like on that day and it was great. It felt like our vacation went on forever.

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