Friday, March 23, 2012

I was out tonight, with a friend, picking up some jewelry supplies from Michaels and some leather protector from Aldo and then came across these two gems at HandM!!!!

The pants I had been tempted by before but the dress was new and calling my name at $14.95. So I grabbed a few dresses and also the pants I had been eyeing for awhile and took off for the dressing room(after a quick look through the kiddie clothes). Tried the dress on first, and it fit great, and then the pants. Had to go up a size but I loved them!!! So I took the plunge and bought them both....oh ya the pants were $29.95.
So the dress I am still unsure of....I want to try it on with my shoes and accessories to see what I think but the pants are a definite keeper and there's no going back.

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