Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home Again

I am home and getting some much needed rest after flying on the red eye....literally my eyes were so bloodshot it was ridiculous!!! We arrived home on the 14th at about 1:30Pm after about 11 hours of travel(plus a 4 hour time change not in our favor) and we were able to squeeze in a short nap(an hour) before heading out again to pick up our kiddies. Maybe next time we go we will try for a more comfortable airline :)
Anyways, we are home and happy to be.....the trip was amazing and we had such great time with our friends(they are still there for another week). The picture above is my most favorite from the whole trip. We are at a lookout(overlooking Kailua) and it was so crazy windy there that we were slightly exhilarated by we had just run into the wind to get up to it.
I have more pics to share with you all but I wanted to get one up right away to let you know I was still alive.

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