Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hunger Games

I just feel the need to share that I saw The Hunger Games tonight with a couple friends and.......I LOVED IT!!!
I'm a pretty easy person to please when it comes too movies so maybe my opinion doesn't carry much weight but I thought they did a very good job putting the book to movie form. Warning.....it definitely does not follow the book exactly but pretty closely. It shaves portions here and there too and if you read the book first you can fill that stuff in yourself.
I would definitely recommend this movie and I would say read the book first!!!!
I'm so looking forward to the next ones and wish they were coming out sooner then they are.......like maybe tomorrow!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sally Hansen Nails

Loving how my nails turned out today!!!!
I was at the drug store and decided to splurge and purchase a pack of the 'real nail polish strips' and a new color of polish. I didn't, at the time, realize both products were Sally Hansen but I am a huge fan of the Hard as Nails Extreme Wear by that brand. It's super inexpensive and really lasts(I wore it for a week on my toes when I was in Hawaii, so you can only imagine the wear it got, and it was still looking good when I got home).
Anyways, this isn't a product review I just wanted to share this combination of color and design. It was my first time applying the nail strip so it's not perfect but with time.....

(this design is 410 Love Letters)

Friday, March 23, 2012

I was out tonight, with a friend, picking up some jewelry supplies from Michaels and some leather protector from Aldo and then came across these two gems at HandM!!!!

The pants I had been tempted by before but the dress was new and calling my name at $14.95. So I grabbed a few dresses and also the pants I had been eyeing for awhile and took off for the dressing room(after a quick look through the kiddie clothes). Tried the dress on first, and it fit great, and then the pants. Had to go up a size but I loved them!!! So I took the plunge and bought them both....oh ya the pants were $29.95.
So the dress I am still unsure of....I want to try it on with my shoes and accessories to see what I think but the pants are a definite keeper and there's no going back.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our Hawaii Adventure

We have been home for three days now and it has been a bit of an adjustment. Not really because of the time difference but because we decided to take an overnight flight(red-eye). It was awful!!!!! Hopefully in the future I will remember what it was like so I wont choose to do it again. It's probably a great flight option for those of you who can actually fall asleep on a plane but for those of us who can't it's pretty much torture.
Anyways, our trip was amazing and we loved ever single second of it.....even the few days of rain. I have a few pics to share with you guys but not many cuz, to be perfectly honest, we didn't do much on this trip. Eat, Shop and Sunbathe......that was pretty much it. We rented a car one day and explored a little bit(made it to the North shore) but nothing to interesting. I think that's why we enjoyed this trip so much. We weren't rushing around trying to cram in as much as possible....which is what I usually do. We just leisurely did whatever we felt like on that day and it was great. It felt like our vacation went on forever.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Home Again

I am home and getting some much needed rest after flying on the red eye....literally my eyes were so bloodshot it was ridiculous!!! We arrived home on the 14th at about 1:30Pm after about 11 hours of travel(plus a 4 hour time change not in our favor) and we were able to squeeze in a short nap(an hour) before heading out again to pick up our kiddies. Maybe next time we go we will try for a more comfortable airline :)
Anyways, we are home and happy to be.....the trip was amazing and we had such great time with our friends(they are still there for another week). The picture above is my most favorite from the whole trip. We are at a lookout(overlooking Kailua) and it was so crazy windy there that we were slightly exhilarated by that.....plus we had just run into the wind to get up to it.
I have more pics to share with you all but I wanted to get one up right away to let you know I was still alive.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vacation Time!!!

Hey everyone, I am heading to Hawaii and will be MIA for a while.
We are going with some friends of ours who have been twice before so they will be our tour guides as this is our first time. I am very very very excited and hopeful for super nice weather(right now its saying rain) but whatever we get I will still have a great time! I wish you all a wonderful week(ish) and will share some of my vacation stuff when I return.
Bye guys :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

I am in love with these bird houses(and flower)!!!
I decorated them myself at 'Hobbies and Craft Night' with my girlfriends but the idea for these came from another blogger. Paperlicious Designs by Melisa Waldorf inspired me with her decorated birdhouses(found here http://www.melisawaldorf.com/2012/01/altered-bird-house-tutorial.html) and I am excited to make more!
These will be displayed in my girlies bedroom(whenever I can get around to redoing it) and the future ones I make will help me display my jewelry at farmers markets.

Here are a few closer up photos to give you a better view....