Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today was a gorgeous day after our week long deep freeze(temp. around -30 Brrrr). Want to know what that beautiful weather does to me......makes me wanna shop!! Not online shop but head out into the great outdoors, go to my favorite stores and hunt for deals. I was unable to fulfill this urge I thought it might be fun to pretend shop on Hautelook(in there Sunday Blowout stuff) and share with you guys what I "bought".
I am always on the hunt for great dresses so that is what I stuck to on this "shopping trip" otherwise there would be way too many pieces to share with you.
So here we go....

Love them all but my top three are the first, third and last one. Kinda wish I could have snatched them up for real but the Sunday Night Blowout stuff goes very very quickly!!!! The prices are amazing. I was planning on jumping all over it tonight but time snuck away from me and I was 20min too late. Maybe next Sunday.....

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