Sunday, January 8, 2012

This was my favorite Christmas present this year....It was from my parents and it is a perfume sample set(as you can see by the picture). It came with 10 samples.......and I wish they actually came in cute little bottles and not just the regular testers but I will overlook that because I love the idea of this so much!! Anyways, yes, 10 samples and when you figure out which one you love the most you take the certificate that comes in the box back to Shoppers Drug Mart to get your full size bottle. Here is the one I went with....
And I am so happy with my choice.....I even decided upon it before I had finished trying all the samples out. There are a few more fragrances in this box that I like which is great cuz now I have some idea of what to get(or tell others to get for me). This is my favorite gift from Christmas and I would definitely recommend it. Great it!!!! Can't say it enough ;)

Some information on this product.....
only around for Christmas and Mothers day
found at Shoppers Drug Mart
it's cost is 75$

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