Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first LUSH haul.....

I'm not much of a bath taker but I wanted to try something out from Lush so I finally took the plunge.....except, these are for my kids. The three I bought are for bubble baths and I thought my kids would absolutely love them. I will eventually pick up something for myself though cuz I do want to try a sparkly bath bomb or a bubbly something or other.

Anyway, the three that I purchased are(from first to last pictured above)....

Rose Jam Bubbleroon(5.95$) Inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam, this new bubble bar has a gorgeous sophisticated rose perfume. The coconut oil 'jam' in the middle, coupled with the rose absolute and the rose oil will be fantastic for dry skin.

Dorothy(5.95$) Follow the yellow brick road all the way to your bathroom. There's no place quite like a tub full of orange blossoms and ylang ylang bubbles.

Sunny Side(6.95$) Drab winter weather can dampen even the sunniest of moods. Brighten up your days(and nights) with a ray of shimmery, golden sunshine in the tub with mood lifting citrus oils. The only clouds in the forecast will be the fluffy bubbles in the tub.

I would like to add that the information next to the product names is taken from the Lush Times(Canada) which is Lush's newspaper. That being said I am super excited for my girlies to try out these bubble bars and to see what they do to the bath water. After we have tried all three I will let you know which one was our favorite and just add that on to this post.

*We have finally tried all three and Dorothy was the winner. It turned the water a brilliant blue and produced lots of bubbles. I also want to add that it was the cutest looking.

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