Sunday, January 29, 2012

I made it on time for the Hautelook Sunday Night Blowout!!!!!
But I didn't get anything. I was very excited for it.....thinking it was going to be as good as last weeks and it just wasn't. Well for me anyways.
I almost bought my hubby a watch.....

but with him out and about and unable to let me know what he thought I passed on it. It was an amazing deal though.....$88 and the regular price was $995. I will be checking future Blowouts because I do want to find him a nice watch.
Another thing I found and had in my "cart" was a ring....

It was only $12 and the regular price was $75....quite a steal but with the watch being out I did not want to pay the international surcharge and shipping on just one item. If I'm gonna pay the extras it's gonna be for more then just one thing!
I am hopeful that next weeks Blowout will be better for's very exciting to see what they have for you and at a great price too. One of these times I will be letting you know what I bought instead of what I wanted to or almost did.

*A little correction....I did end up purchasing the watch for my hubby. By the time he got home and told me he loved it someone else had it in their cart so I kept checking back to see if they actually bought it. They didn't and I was able to grab it up at an amazing price of $113 total(shipping and tax). I'm a little bummed that my ring was not still available but just you wait till next Sunday and we will see what I can find.

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