Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love my bookshelves. To me they feel more like decor then furniture. I enjoy arranging my books and odds and ends on the shelf to make it more interesting to look at. I am not by any means done these bookshelves....they are ever changing. But this is what they look like at this very moment. So here is a complete overview of them.....

As you can see there is a mix of books, boxes, pictures and decor pieces. The main colors are blues and greens and another thing, I don't know if you noticed this, all the boxes are on the lower half of the bookshelves. I tried them up higher and did not like how it looked.

Some of my favorite books(not to read, just to look at) I have placed on there own so that their covers can actually be seen. It would be a shame for their gorgeous covers to be hidden.....they are art to me.

To make the books more visually interesting I like to stack some and either place them on their own in a stack or use the stack as a book end. It looks great and also breaks up the monotony of horizontally placed books. I have also grouped together similar colored books(in the center picture) because I like how it looks.

Now last, but not least, I have kids and so I have made a space for their things on a couple of the bottom shelves. I have them organized and arranged very similar to my other shelves so they will not stand out too much from the rest of the shelves but they do a bit. It can't be helped....there are just so many colors.

I love this style and I know it's not everybody's taste but I wanted to share this with you all in the hopes that it will give you some ideas if it is.

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