Friday, January 13, 2012

Crayola Art

I have been seeing this......

Or versions of it, posted all over Pinterest and finally myself and a few friends got together and did it ourselves. It was super simple and easy to do and here is how mine turned out.....

If you are at all interested in doing it here is what you will need to get....
-lots and lots of crayons
-a canvas
-hot glue gun or some sort of adhesive to attach the crayons to the canvas
-fake flowers
-heat gun or blow dryer

So, I started out by pulling all the green and brown crayons from the boxes of crayons that I bought.....didn't have enough so I also used some yellow.
I used a hot glue gun to stick the crayons to the canvas but would suggest a stronger adhesive if possible just to make sure they really stay.
I put newspaper all around to catch any drips and protect my furniture....I should probably add that I used a kitchen chair to prop the canvas on so I could have it at an angle.
Once everything was in place I began heating up the crayons with a heat gun. The crayons melted very quickly causing less blending and more runs so I am wondering if a blow dryer would maybe work a bit better but anyways, we made it work for us. We would shut off the heat gun every once in a while or angle the canvas to try and slow the drips.
Once I had my picture the way I wanted it I let it cool and them applied the flowers with the hot glue gun.
The reason I said maybe go with a stronger adhesive for the crayons is because one of my crayons came off and that made me nervous so I added some extra craft glue to each crayon for more support.

I am super excited with how it came out!!! I have hung it in my kiddies coloring corner in our living room along with another one that I did as our tester. They look so cute together.....

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