Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeweled Jars

Craft and Hobbies night, last night, was a great success. The name is a bit of an inside joke but it describes the evening perfectly. Last week we did the crayola art on canvas and this week we made jewelry storage.....but not just any jewelry storage. Really really pretty jewelry storage! I got the idea from a magazine I have never bought before but caught my eye at the grocery store....Romantic Country-Spring 2012(Pg 28-29).

Love these and I love the ones that I made.....I am excited to make more to sell along with my jewelry at local markets. So, with out further are the three I made last night.....

I am excited to put some of my jewelry in them and display them in my bedroom. Here are some closer up pictures of each so you can get a better view of them....

If you plan on making some of these I will strongly suggest a really good don't want stuff falling off for lack of stick. I used a glue that is a glue everything and anything glue and it takes 48 hours to fully cure.
On the canning jars I glued the two pieces of the lid's much nicer to find jars with one piece lids but you make do with what you can find or what you have.
I did purchase my jars for this craft but you could always scrounge your house....many products come in jars that we just throw away when they are empty.....and some are really interesting in shape and design so just keep that in mind.
Any other questions feel free to ask and I will answer.

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