Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I went for High Tea with my girlfriends and thought I would share the experience with you all. If you want to see my full outfit head on over to my YouTube video....
But otherwise here are some pictures from my day....

It was a wonderful day....High Tea was so much fun and a wonderful experience. We started off with our tea then came the finger sandwiches(not pictured). Next was the turkey pot pie and the flaky bread on top was absolutely amazing....delicious. Lastly were the dessert's and they were delicious too.
We spent about 2 hours there eating and visiting....my kind of a meal!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

I made it on time for the Hautelook Sunday Night Blowout!!!!!
But I didn't get anything. I was very excited for it.....thinking it was going to be as good as last weeks and it just wasn't. Well for me anyways.
I almost bought my hubby a watch.....

but with him out and about and unable to let me know what he thought I passed on it. It was an amazing deal though.....$88 and the regular price was $995. I will be checking future Blowouts because I do want to find him a nice watch.
Another thing I found and had in my "cart" was a ring....

It was only $12 and the regular price was $75....quite a steal but with the watch being out I did not want to pay the international surcharge and shipping on just one item. If I'm gonna pay the extras it's gonna be for more then just one thing!
I am hopeful that next weeks Blowout will be better for me....it's very exciting to see what they have for you and at a great price too. One of these times I will be letting you know what I bought instead of what I wanted to or almost did.

*A little correction....I did end up purchasing the watch for my hubby. By the time he got home and told me he loved it someone else had it in their cart so I kept checking back to see if they actually bought it. They didn't and I was able to grab it up at an amazing price of $113 total(shipping and tax). I'm a little bummed that my ring was not still available but just you wait till next Sunday and we will see what I can find.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I love my bookshelves. To me they feel more like decor then furniture. I enjoy arranging my books and odds and ends on the shelf to make it more interesting to look at. I am not by any means done these bookshelves....they are ever changing. But this is what they look like at this very moment. So here is a complete overview of them.....

As you can see there is a mix of books, boxes, pictures and decor pieces. The main colors are blues and greens and another thing, I don't know if you noticed this, all the boxes are on the lower half of the bookshelves. I tried them up higher and did not like how it looked.

Some of my favorite books(not to read, just to look at) I have placed on there own so that their covers can actually be seen. It would be a shame for their gorgeous covers to be hidden.....they are art to me.

To make the books more visually interesting I like to stack some and either place them on their own in a stack or use the stack as a book end. It looks great and also breaks up the monotony of horizontally placed books. I have also grouped together similar colored books(in the center picture) because I like how it looks.

Now last, but not least, I have kids and so I have made a space for their things on a couple of the bottom shelves. I have them organized and arranged very similar to my other shelves so they will not stand out too much from the rest of the shelves but they do a bit. It can't be helped....there are just so many colors.

I love this style and I know it's not everybody's taste but I wanted to share this with you all in the hopes that it will give you some ideas if it is.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Today was a gorgeous day after our week long deep freeze(temp. around -30 Brrrr). Want to know what that beautiful weather does to me......makes me wanna shop!! Not online shop but head out into the great outdoors, go to my favorite stores and hunt for deals. I was unable to fulfill this urge today....sad....so I thought it might be fun to pretend shop on Hautelook(in there Sunday Blowout stuff) and share with you guys what I "bought".
I am always on the hunt for great dresses so that is what I stuck to on this "shopping trip" otherwise there would be way too many pieces to share with you.
So here we go....

Love them all but my top three are the first, third and last one. Kinda wish I could have snatched them up for real but the Sunday Night Blowout stuff goes very very quickly!!!! The prices are amazing. I was planning on jumping all over it tonight but time snuck away from me and I was 20min too late. Maybe next Sunday.....

Friday, January 20, 2012

Jeweled Jars

Craft and Hobbies night, last night, was a great success. The name is a bit of an inside joke but it describes the evening perfectly. Last week we did the crayola art on canvas and this week we made jewelry storage.....but not just any jewelry storage. Really really pretty jewelry storage! I got the idea from a magazine I have never bought before but caught my eye at the grocery store....Romantic Country-Spring 2012(Pg 28-29).

Love these and I love the ones that I made.....I am excited to make more to sell along with my jewelry at local markets. So, with out further adieu.....here are the three I made last night.....

I am excited to put some of my jewelry in them and display them in my bedroom. Here are some closer up pictures of each so you can get a better view of them....

If you plan on making some of these I will strongly suggest a really good glue....you don't want stuff falling off for lack of stick. I used a glue that is a glue everything and anything glue and it takes 48 hours to fully cure.
On the canning jars I glued the two pieces of the lid together.....it's much nicer to find jars with one piece lids but you make do with what you can find or what you have.
I did purchase my jars for this craft but you could always scrounge your house....many products come in jars that we just throw away when they are empty.....and some are really interesting in shape and design so just keep that in mind.
Any other questions feel free to ask and I will answer.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

I have something exciting to share with you all. Not anything crazy big......I make jewelry as a hobby and sell it at local markets and last night I came up with a piece that I am very excited about......meaning I LOVE IT!

Isn't it gorgeous!!!!! I think so :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

Crayola Art

I have been seeing this......

Or versions of it, posted all over Pinterest and finally myself and a few friends got together and did it ourselves. It was super simple and easy to do and here is how mine turned out.....

If you are at all interested in doing it here is what you will need to get....
-lots and lots of crayons
-a canvas
-hot glue gun or some sort of adhesive to attach the crayons to the canvas
-fake flowers
-heat gun or blow dryer

So, I started out by pulling all the green and brown crayons from the boxes of crayons that I bought.....didn't have enough so I also used some yellow.
I used a hot glue gun to stick the crayons to the canvas but would suggest a stronger adhesive if possible just to make sure they really stay.
I put newspaper all around to catch any drips and protect my furniture....I should probably add that I used a kitchen chair to prop the canvas on so I could have it at an angle.
Once everything was in place I began heating up the crayons with a heat gun. The crayons melted very quickly causing less blending and more runs so I am wondering if a blow dryer would maybe work a bit better but anyways, we made it work for us. We would shut off the heat gun every once in a while or angle the canvas to try and slow the drips.
Once I had my picture the way I wanted it I let it cool and them applied the flowers with the hot glue gun.
The reason I said maybe go with a stronger adhesive for the crayons is because one of my crayons came off and that made me nervous so I added some extra craft glue to each crayon for more support.

I am super excited with how it came out!!! I have hung it in my kiddies coloring corner in our living room along with another one that I did as our tester. They look so cute together.....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My first LUSH haul.....

I'm not much of a bath taker but I wanted to try something out from Lush so I finally took the plunge.....except, these are for my kids. The three I bought are for bubble baths and I thought my kids would absolutely love them. I will eventually pick up something for myself though cuz I do want to try a sparkly bath bomb or a bubbly something or other.

Anyway, the three that I purchased are(from first to last pictured above)....

Rose Jam Bubbleroon(5.95$) Inspired by a traditional Turkish recipe for rose jam, this new bubble bar has a gorgeous sophisticated rose perfume. The coconut oil 'jam' in the middle, coupled with the rose absolute and the rose oil will be fantastic for dry skin.

Dorothy(5.95$) Follow the yellow brick road all the way to your bathroom. There's no place quite like a tub full of orange blossoms and ylang ylang bubbles.

Sunny Side(6.95$) Drab winter weather can dampen even the sunniest of moods. Brighten up your days(and nights) with a ray of shimmery, golden sunshine in the tub with mood lifting citrus oils. The only clouds in the forecast will be the fluffy bubbles in the tub.

I would like to add that the information next to the product names is taken from the Lush Times(Canada) which is Lush's newspaper. That being said I am super excited for my girlies to try out these bubble bars and to see what they do to the bath water. After we have tried all three I will let you know which one was our favorite and just add that on to this post.

*We have finally tried all three and Dorothy was the winner. It turned the water a brilliant blue and produced lots of bubbles. I also want to add that it was the cutest looking.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

This was my favorite Christmas present this year....It was from my parents and it is a perfume sample set(as you can see by the picture). It came with 10 samples.......and I wish they actually came in cute little bottles and not just the regular testers but I will overlook that because I love the idea of this so much!! Anyways, yes, 10 samples and when you figure out which one you love the most you take the certificate that comes in the box back to Shoppers Drug Mart to get your full size bottle. Here is the one I went with....
And I am so happy with my choice.....I even decided upon it before I had finished trying all the samples out. There are a few more fragrances in this box that I like which is great cuz now I have some idea of what to get(or tell others to get for me). This is my favorite gift from Christmas and I would definitely recommend it. Great gift.....love it!!!! Can't say it enough ;)

Some information on this product.....
only around for Christmas and Mothers day
found at Shoppers Drug Mart
it's cost is 75$

Friday, January 6, 2012

Raspberry and Cream Smoothie

Lunch for today? These delicious smoothies.....

I came upon this combination of ingredients by fluke....I was running low on my usual ingredients and improvised with what I had. Here is what you will need to make this delicious Raspberry and Cream smoothie....

2-3 cups of frozen raspberries
1 cup of cream
1/2 a cup of milk
1 cup of ice cream
1/2 a cup of yogurt

My normal smoothies consist of Frozen Fruit, Yogurt and Milk and they are super tasty but I was running really low on the yogurt and milk so, as you can see, I added cream and ice cream to the mix. For some this may seem more of a desert/treat but for our family it is a once in a while lunch option. We love it and I hope you guys do too.